Basic MindSet Weight Loss Program 

Most diets have few, if any, food restrictions and mix healthy carbs, proteins and fats to “balance” and lower calories. These diets usually have 60% of calories coming from carbs, which get converted to glucose. Since our bodies use up stores of glucose before burning fat, weight loss can be erratic. Moreover, by lowering the minimum daily protein levels, muscle mass can be lost which results in lowered metabolism and slower weight loss.

The MindSet protocol takes a different track – for a relatively short period of time we use an “unbalanced” diet by using the daily required protein levels to maintain muscle mass, while lowering fats and carbs so that the body does not replace glucose stores and therefore burns fat. This approach works! Even though the results vary by individual, to date, our experience has been that our clients experience an average weight loss of over 21 pounds and a drop in BMI of over 6.6 points.

MindSet utilizes a medically-designed protocol that has been available for over 25 years. It is a supervised, reduced carbohydrate, medium to low calorie, moderate protein die. The protocol mixes four cups of non-starchy vegetables and 8 ounces of lean protein a day, along with our FDA approved products and supplements such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium to ensure proper electrolyte balance. The program was designed in France by a MD, PhD for Olympic athletes who wanted to lose body fat without the loss of muscle. There are several additional versions of the protocol that can be utilized by diabetics, athletes, vegetarians and gluten intolerant patients.

The MindSet Weight Loss Protocol is an easy 4-phase protocol which helps stabilize the pancreas and blood sugar levels while burning fat and maintaining muscle and other lean tissue. This protocol is also an excellent support for cellulite reduction and has been used in well over 2500 professional establishments in North America over the last eight years with great success.

Here are some of the services included in the Basic MindSet Weight Loss Protocol:

  • A 60 to 90 minute in-person orientation at one of our convenient locations, including discussion of your current health profile and medications, as well as education on our program.
  • Access to counselor 24/7 via text and phone.
  • Lifestyle analysis and education.
  • Coordination and updates with your personal care physician, including medical approval, if required.
  • Weekly weigh-ins, counseling, nutritional education and body composition analysis (i.e., body fat, muscle, water percentages) and print outs of weekly and monthly results.
  • And home delivery and weigh-ins for an extra fee.
  • Free videos, recipes, motivational messages sent through email and free monthly newsletter.
  • Tasting samples of the various products for tasting, along with shaker.
  • Individual visual tracking scorecard of weight loss, BMIs, health factors and a Body Composition Analysis.
  • Initial discounted massage at local massage therapist during the first week.
  • Discounted personal trainer for a half hour slow burn session at a local gym.
  • Menus at local restaurants offering meals consistent with our protocol.


Team Mindset Program

Studies have shown that you have a greater chance of success when you join a group of friends to lose weight. The Team Mindset Program offers all the services of the basic program but also provides discounts on the initial service fee, along with contests (and potential financial incentives) if you compete against other teams to lose weight!


MindSet Partners Program

Some dieters complain that their spouses or partners do not fully support their weight loss efforts – or that it is difficult to cook two separate meals when only one spouse is on a weight loss program. That’s why we offer the MindSet Partners Program. Like Team MindSet, the Partners Program offers all the services of the basic program but also provides discounts on the initial service fee for spouses and partners.


MindSet at Work Program

MindSet offers an extensive program to employers and employees interested in workplace wellness programs. The MindSet at Work Program includes:

  • All the basic services of the Mindset Weight Loss program.
  • Convenient and accessible on-site (company) weigh-ins and counseling each week.
  • Products selected and delivered to each individual at weekly weigh-in meetings.
  • Group competitions (e.g., friends at work or departmental programs) also available
  • Potential tie-ins to corporate wellness incentives.
  • Executive program with weigh-ins in executive offices.
  • Employers can receive aggregated, de-personalized scorecards to track and measure the program’s effectiveness and returns.


The MindSet for Men Program

Many men are less likely to “diet” than women and often find that their needs are not met by many of the commercially available diet programs (which generally focus on the needs of women). Despite the fact that 71% of men are overweight or obese (compared to 61% of women), men make up only 40% of all dieters. Most men falsely believe that “will power” keeps them from successfully completing a weight loss program.

At MindSet, we keep men in mind in how we offer our basic program. We know that men prefer concrete information and data – tangible results – up front; and they are more concerned about whether a product or service might be considered feminine.  You decide what aspects of our service matter most to you. We provide early morning and early evening hours to make our services accessible when you most need them. And we even offer walk-in hours without an appointment. If you are a man concerned about your professional appearance who wants a service tailored to your needs, try MindSet’s at home service and weigh-ins and see the results! We can help you declare war on weight loss and win the battle.


The MindSet Maintenance Program 

Danish researchers Ayyad and Anderson reviewed almost 900 scientific studies focused on dieting from the early 1930s through 2000 in order to understand dieting effectiveness. They concluded that only 15% of all dieters were successful over three years in maintaining significant weight loss.

Chances for success increased significantly when people used meal replacements and supplements rather than reduced amounts of regular food. Supportive counseling and supervision such as that offered by MindSet – and active follow-up and supervision were also associated with higher success rates. MindSet therefore offers a simple maintenance program to those who have successfully met their weight loss goals.

MindSet utilizes all these approaches and supports the whole person with counseling available from our partner psychologists, nutritionists, registered dieticians, nutritionists and trainers. We also help clients successfully navigate those “moments of truth” where dieters can often fail, and work with them to earn individual and group financial incentives. Once weight loss goals are reached, we also work with our clients to develop a strong, nutritional maintenance and exercise plan, and monitor them through monthly sessions. The annual MindSet Maintenance Program provides:

  • Monthly (or more frequent) weigh-ins, counseling and body composition analysis.
  • A complete meal and nutrition planning.
  • An exercise and activity plan.
  • Access to sponsored program with trainers for cardio and strength training.
  • Online food journals for review and counting carbs.
  • One free box of MindSet nutritious bars or shakes.
  • Access to personal weight, BMI, history and tracking online.
  • Ongoing psychological support as requested.

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