A recent Rand report found weight loss for an average woman in corporate wellness program was less than a pound over the first three years and only one pound for the average man. Despite the incentives, most lifestyle maintenance programs are simply not effective.

What is the MindSet Weight Loss Program?

The MindSet program is a supervised, reduced carbohydrate, medium-to-low calorie, moderate-protein diet that has been used successfully by over 8 million people. The plan was conceived in France by a MD, PhD for Olympic athletes who wanted to lose body fat without the loss of muscle.

The MindSet protocol combines four cups of non-starchy vegetables and 8 ounces of lean protein a day, with our FDA-approved meal-replacement products and supplements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium to ensure proper electrolyte balance. The program has four phases which help stabilize the pancreas and blood sugar levels while burning fat and maintaining muscle and other lean tissue. It has been used by over 2500 medical establishments in North America over the last eight years with great success. There are variations of the protocol available for overweight and obese people, diabetics, athletes, vegetarians and gluten-intolerant patients.

The MindSet Difference

Although most diets lower calorie intake, 60% of calories usually come from carbs, which get converted to glucose. Since bodies use up glucose before burning fat, weight loss can be erratic. Moreover, by lowering the minimum daily protein levels, muscle mass can be lost, which further results in lowered metabolism.

MindSet takes a different approach – for a short time we use an “unbalanced” diet by using the daily required protein levels to maintain muscle mass, with lowered fats and carbs so that the body does not replace glucose stores and therefore burns fat.

What is the scientific evidence on weight
loss program effectiveness?

A comprehensive study of weight loss programs by Danish researchers Ayyad and Anderson found programs are successful when:

  • Programs are supervised.
  • Meal replacements and mineral supplements are supplied rather than grocery store food alone.
  • Friends join to lose weight together.
  • Personal support is provided to change lifestyle behaviors.
  • Financial and other incentives are offered.
  • Support continues once weight loss goals are reached. Active follow-up during the maintenance period doubles long-term success.

MindSet’s corporate weight loss program utilizes all these approaches. Our coaches meet employees every week and we make professional nutrition, exercise and psychological counseling available as needed. We even work with employers to integrate individual and group incentives. Once weight loss goals are reached, we can assist employees in maintaining their weight through individual nutrition and exercise maintenance plans and by monitoring their progress through monthly coaching sessions. If weight begins to increase, we work with employees to “reset” their weight over one or two weeks.

corporate-circleCan MindSet integrate into your
current wellness program?

MindSet is designed to fit into any wellness program. We do not require exclusivity nor do we require any corporate investment. So, if you already subsidize a Weight Watchers or other weight loss program, you can offer ours alongside it. If you already provide and incent a health-outcome program based on achieving BMI improvements or specific weight loss goals, we can work our protocol into the program as well.




 How do we get started?

All your company needs to do is send us a group of employee referrals to MindSet.

Contact us to set up a short appointment and provide you with valuable information about the MindSet approach and see if there is a fit that can benefit your practice and patients.